How we make personalized leather handbags with you.



We start from our core strength of developing paper patterns from any concept or design. We apply creativity and accuracy while keeping in mind how the final product will be assembled based on the specific leather and hardware requirements. 

We can provide a concierge approach to handbag development. We can provide a menu of services as well.

We make paper patterns which are priced according to complexity between 500 and 1500 €.

Delivery is via email or CADD within one day.

Salpa is the next step. Salpa is a 3d volume model of the paper pattern and it is made in felt. Salpa can vary between 500 and 1500 €. Salpa are produced within 3 days and delivered by courier.

At this point a prototype is produced in bonded leather according to specifications. Costs are between 300 and 30,000 based on leather and manufacturing costs.

We manufacture quality and luxury bags in crocodile, python, lizard, ray, ayers, toad, ostrich, ostrich legs, mink, fur, Swarovski and naturally, Nappa leather, leather, satin and fabric, and canvas.

From careful sourcing of materials, monitoring our suppliers’ delivery schedules, through to product delivery, we look after the entire production process.

We are keen to make products that last, which is why we avoid using bonded leather and carton for inner padding.

The time of delivery is 3 weeks by courier. If revisions are requested at this step they can be performed for a cost.

We like to develop personalized and creative financial relationships with our customers.