Are You a Shop?

Weather you are ordering one handbag or starting your own brand it is so easy and fun to get started. You will feel like a professional modelist.

Our paper patterns give birth to the most beautiful handbags. 

Based on your design or leather sample or idea, we will produce a CADD rendering of your handbag. From this design a paper pattern is built which will be used in making the salpa to then make your own purse line.

Delivery of the CADD is via email. Turn around time is one day.

Paper pattern will be ready after 2 days and needs to be shipped.

You may be ordering one handbag or starting your own brand you will like the experience of working with Limberti. 

Our handbags will make you feel good every day,

  • the touch of the rich leather,
  • the softness of the material on your skin
  • the confort on the hand or shoulder 

Imagine wearing handbags that Queens and first ladies have worn before you

The quality of the product is superlative because it is:

  • A genuine handsawn leather bag
  • The best Leather quality manufactured in Tuscany
  • Cared for in the smallest of details
  • Created for the most important brand names in fashion
  • Made in Italy
  • Durable use and tear

A leather handbag prototype is produced according to specifications of the design. Costs are between 300 and 30,000 € based on leather and manufacturing costs. The time of delivery is 3 weeks by courier. If revisions are requested at this step they can be performed for a cost.

We like to develop personalized and creative financial relationships with our customers.