Color trends 2021

The Pantone colors for 2021:

Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray: the former represents the brightness of hope and shines vividly, it’s the sparkle of the genius that illuminates the future; the latter expresses resilience, the reliability of solid rock we can cling to in an effort to overcome this global crisis.

Buttery white

A white, yellowy nuance that looks wonderful on romantic pieces like shirtdresses, baby dolls and lingerie items. Simple and demure, it can feel edgier when paired with leather accessories.

Cardinal red

Full-bodied, intense and luminous, cardinal will be our go-to nuance of red on wonderful destructured suits or austere dresses.

Sun yellow

Warm and enveloping, this yellow nuance will be hot for 2021, according to Pantone. Dare to wear it, be bold and pair it with pink.

Pretty in pink

As sweet as cotton candy, it looks great perfect on rich fabrics like tulle and mikado silk. Wear with jeans and boots to play up its ironic side.

Wisteria and lilac

The French Riviera and flowers in bloom: a perfect balance between and character. Embrace a dramatic total look.

Underwood green

A neutral green nuance that can turn any garment into a go-anywhere, versatile piece, from Spring to Fall.

Lime green

A nice and easy way to uplift your outfit and stand out from the crowd. In winter we experimented with accessories, but now it’s time to be daring…

Cinnamon brown

Add a little spice to your look; “cinnamon” brown will look great with acidic hues like lime green.


A timeless and elegant nuance and the symbol of Giorgio Armani, revamped and teamed every year with new colors. This year wear it with light blue.

Sea blue

The color of crystal-clear Mediterranean waters, a perfect match for greige, silver, buttery white.


Inspired by the veining of quartz and marble, and never too dark. Gray is the new black and the symbol of a new strong and mindful femininity.